Geo Technology

Geo Technology

Very Strong Front Followed by Strong Winds

The weather radar this morning was amazing and a wonderful example of how much having a coastal radar improves weather prediction around here.  The first [...]

A Hard Freeze and Modified Arctic Air Hits the Northwest

The air felt very different today.  Colder, drier and without a cloud in the sky.  And it was different, as we switched the  air mass over us [...]

A Damaging and Deadly Convergence Zone

Most Puget Sound convergence zones are benign affairs that produce a band of cloud or showers between Seattle and Everett, and during the winter there is [...]

The Real Threat of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac

The media isn't talking about this much, but the real threat of tropical storm Isaac may be heavy precipitation and flooding....not winds and storm [...]

Why don’t we get rain and wind at the same time?

An interesting aspect of Northwest storms is that generally we don't get heavy rain and strong winds at the same time.    This week's early [...]