Geo Technology

Geo Technology

The Northwest “Drought” Erased

It wasn't very long ago that the main topic of meteorological discussion was the nearly three-month dry spell.  Folks were getting antsy without clouds [...]

Snowing over the Region

Light snow is now falling over the Washington interior, with rain on the coast. At 6 AM snow totals (based mainly from pictures and cams) seem to be roughly [...]

June Gloom: Why does it occur and where is it this year?

One of characteristics of Northwest weather, and to a considerable degree the weather of much of the U.S. West Coast, is JUNE GLOOM.  The tendency to have [...]

The Upcoming Northern Californa Summer Deluge

A highly unusual summer deluge will soon hit northern California.  June is typically quite dry over the Golden State (it isn't called golden for [...]