Geo Technology

Geo Technology

Moses Versus Joseph: A Biblical Lesson in Communication about Climate Change

A week ago I was on  a state legislative panel about the regional implications of global climate change and some climate policy folks on the panel [...]

Haboob Hits Eastern Washington

 Picture by Robert Ames on Hightway 12 around 7 PM Sunday. Haboob.  An exotic name for an exotic weather feature.   Haboobs are [...]

Super Sticky

I have heard a number of complaints the last two days about the unusually humid conditions that have settled in over the region, particularly west of the [...]

COSMIC: Filling the Weather Satellite Gap

The media has been full of headlines and stories about a looming gap in weather satellite coverage (see NY Times story here) and the U.S. General Accounting [...]

Seattle Gets Ready for Snow!

The "official" snow season in the Northwest lowlands starts on November 15th and the threat this winter is greater than we expected a few months ago.During the [...]