Easy Way To Control Your Content

There is a misperception among the people that they can save time and money by making their own staff to work on their website in order to bring out the time-to-time changes. Maybe some people do it successfully, but hiring certified website developers for the same task adds a professional edge to the project. A web site is much like a work of art, always [...]

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Extraordinary Asian Smoke versus the Perseid Meteors

Dense smoke from Asian fires has again spread over our region, profoundly degrading visibility.Here is a MODIS satellite view from earlier today:The smoke continues into [...]

The Meteorology of Husky Stadium

Pride swelled among the University of Washington community with the opening of the massively refurbished and modernized Husky Football stadium, with the win over Boise State [...]

The Northwest “Drought” Erased

It wasn't very long ago that the main topic of meteorological discussion was the nearly three-month dry spell.  Folks were getting antsy without clouds and rain, and some [...]

Snowing over the Region

Light snow is now falling over the Washington interior, with rain on the coast. At 6 AM snow totals (based mainly from pictures and cams) seem to be roughly from .5 to 1 [...]

June Gloom: Why does it occur and where is it this year?

One of characteristics of Northwest weather, and to a considerable degree the weather of much of the U.S. West Coast, is JUNE GLOOM.  The tendency to have day after day [...]