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New Apple TV with A5 CPU Reference Spotted

A new product code got spotted in iOS 5 pointing to a new Apple TV.Apple TVThe Apple TV is almost a full iOS device. Apple has it locked down and you cannot [...]

Apple Acknowledges iOS 5 Battery Life Drain, Issues Beta Update to Devs

Apple fesses up to battery woes with iOS 5 Apple fesses up to battery woes with iOS [...]

100 Best iPhone Apps Ever

Our ongoing strive to find the best apps continues. With over 350,000 iPhone apps in the App Store, picking the right one to download can often be a tricky [...]

LG Nitro HD Review

LG NitroBy Michael Oryl on December 8, 2011The new LG Nitro HD represents the company's premier Android smartphone in the United States. Without a doubt, it [...]

cheapest super computer in the world

This super computer was built by a Japanese university professor , its built using ordinary computer parts that you can find in any computer shop every where [...]