50 sewing kitchen projects For early sewing lessons

  buying kitchen items is easy and more instant. But if you look around the kitchen well, you can find some materials from the fabric, and it can be used as a means of training your sewing skills, it will be more efficient and useful for your kitchen. here are some examples for proper use … Read more

50 creative craft ideas from Old Socks

Do you have a lot of old socks that can not be worn and not to be thrown away? Are you confused about what to do with these socks? This post is only done with socks that are no longer. There are many useful things to do with old socks, you can make toys, gloves, … Read more

50 how to decorate a mug

The morning routine of a person won’t match without a cup of coffee. And of course nothing is better done in cold body condition apart from warm warm tea. Personalized mugs! With one cup decorated in DIY style, you would not think that someone else would pick it up for themselves. A personalized mug can … Read more

50 crafts fake flowers.

This is an example of a fake flower craft made of simple materials that you have at home, certainly very practical. This craft can increase your activity more useful and can fill your free time by making this craft with your family or friends. If you sell it, the craft can fill your finances, ranging … Read more

30 Tutorials Are Easy To Create Origami

We’ve always wanted to build origami shapes, but it looked too hard to learn. Turns out we were wrong, we found these awesome origami shapes. After years later, around 741 AD, the tradition of paper folding began to enter Japan. It started from the Japanese public often making a bottle of sake (Japanese wine) from folded … Read more

30 Tips For Creating DIY Projects Using Pebbles

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