How to painted bedroom in 50 steps

There is a place in this world that will show you the embodiment of calmness, and it is called the mid-century modern bedroom. It is not too exaggerated if we call this place such heaven since the vibrant colors of wall painting mix up with natural lights come from the wide windows around will boost your mood every single time you wake up.

The mid-century modern bedroom is a good bedroom idea for you who love the bright-retro concept but with a modern touch. Thus, these are some mid-century modern bedroom ideas that you can pick based on your preference and of course, character. Well, which one is yours?

1.The black wall and its surroundings

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With a combination of wall paint with a chair or door, it looks compact with a black theme. and the floor is made of processed wood.
It is one of the minimalist wall paints for a simple house, so that it looks elegant when we look at the house.

2.Coastal Hues

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The bedrooms in the house are designed with patience so there is enough room to rest. With a combination of wood color and pillow color, bolster. And this bed is in a narrow place that is triangular.

It’s very comfortable if we take a rest in this small place, but even though it’s small it looks classy with a very luxurious mattress.

3.Most Serene Retreat

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A very classic design with objects made of wood, this dark wall paint is brown. In order to look like a cool and comfortable house to live in our family.

With a design that is not difficult enough, this bedroom themed about the luxury of the bedroom. With a purple blanket that is very attractive.

4.Luscious brown bedroom

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Oftentimes brown gets a bad rap among today’s interior design fans. For some, it will always be the color of dirt, and dirt ,drum. For others, it might remind them of the brown coupled with gold so popular in the 1970’s. However, for others it is the color of chocolate. I guess I’m sleeping 10 bedrooms are in the chocolate category. So. drab or fab.

5.Colour of the month

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With the holiday season behind us, it’s time to focus inward and start the brand new year off with a fresh outlook on life. January brings with it a sense of mystical wonder, much like a view of the winter sky on a clear, crisp night. Behr Color Midnight Show T17-17 evokes the intrigue of a starry.

6.Silver Eucalyptus

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Isn’t it awesome?!! I’m so thrilled – and I love that it gave that “at home” feel to an otherwise boring workspace. I hope you love it too.

7.Flamingo Feather

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June is the start of the summer months of warm weather, sunny skies and vivid blooms basking in the beauty of the day. The soft pink in Behr’s Flamingo Feather M180-3 is equal parts summertime sunrise and the warming feeling of sunset as the sun dips below the skyline, which is why we’ve chosen it as our …

8.Soft Focus

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Soft Focus sets a peaceful tone for the entire home when used on entryway walls. This color works equally well with modern or classic decor or even combinations of the two. Add a wooden bench, vintage tin or steel storage bins and black-framed artwork featuring natural elements to enhance the tranquil vibe. Silvery gray, distressed wood flooring looks especially nice against a Soft Focus backdrop.

9.Bon Nuit

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This deep sapphire tone can be used for both the outside and inside of the home. Paint your exterior entry door to give your home a classic but distinct look. Bon Nuit adds striking elegance to a door surrounded by white trim, and works well with red-brick accents.

Make a grand and glorious statement in the entryway when you paint the walls Bon Nuit. This sumptuous hue adds intrigue to an otherwise plain space, giving your home a sophisticated touch. Frame the blue walls with white molding to create a clean tailored look, then add decor in warm green and turquoise accents.

Bon Nuit adds a trendy-yet-classic upgrade to a modern dining room. This dreamy dark hue serves as a stunning backdrop for a mid-century wooden table and chairs upholstered in taupe tones. Round out the room with a white bookcase, and accent pieces in silver, rust and steely gray.

10.Black Garnet

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An entryway decked out in this rich, chocolate-y red makes a strong statement. Paint the exterior door and associated trim with Black Garnet to make the doorway stand out from its surroundings. This dark, yet comforting, hue also adds an element of surprise against a light neutral wall color, such as a gray or beige.

Black Garnet, on the walls, imparts a regal, dignified feel- perfect for formal styling and traditional architecture. Accompany it with warm accents and trim in a warm white or light gray to provide balance.

Add an air of modern mystique to a large interior door by adorning it with a coat of Black Garnet. Like exotic wood accents, the deep burgundy undertones of this color add earthy enrichment to your space. An espresso console table and a black-framed photo or two can help keep the color from overpowering.

11.Quiet Time

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January is a month of wintry skies and of winding down into relaxation mode after the holidays. The outdoor world shrouds itself in subdued colors as nature hibernates its way through the winter. The subtle-yet-soothing gray of Behr’s Quiet Time T18-19 perfectly captures January’s contemplative mood, which is why we’ve selected it as our Color of the Month.

Use this soft gray color to enjoy the quieter times in life. Whether you are just reading a book, or seeking an escape of city life, this calming, understated gray will transform your home from hustle and bustle to sanctitude. Grays tend to spark reflection and silence, so Quiet Time is best painted in spaces that don’t require high energy but instead deep focus.

Quiet Time serves as a pleasing alternative to white or beige on a home’s exterior. White trim around windows and doors looks crisp and clean against this stone-inspired gray. Quiet Time works equally well whether the home has a few brick elements or a stone pathway leading up to the front door. Add pops of vivid pink potted flowers on either side of the door for a stunning natural accent.

12.Peek a blue

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On living room walls, Peek a Blue adds a warm, inviting vibe that’s ideal for a retro-inspired space. Pair Peek a Blue with white door and window trim to enhance the subtle nuances of this peaceful shade. Add a few natural accents such as a potted plant or a lamp topped with a timeless burlap lampshade. Enhance the space even more with hints of golden yellow, blue or light gray. Finish things off with a touch of texture, such as a white faux-fur or a gold corduroy throw pillow.

Peek a Blue on the kitchen walls makes the room feel spacious, airy and inviting at the same time. This humble hue works really well with cabinets in white or light wood tones such as oak. It’s also right at home with brushed stainless cabinet hardware and dark granite countertops.


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Sewing is fun, but is more enjoyable when you have a special place for creating. Designing a space that is welcoming, inspiring and organized is the key. You don’t need a large area either! A small space, a few shelves, beautiful fabric and the perfect color, Graylic t18-03 can provide the right inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Graylic t18-03 is a complexed gray that pairs well with both warm and cool tones. This color picks up hues from its surroundings, changing the feel of the color and mood in your space.

The appearance of Graylic t18-03, when used in this sewing room, appears gray with hints of lilac, soft brown, and muted magenta hues peaking through. These feminine tones blend well to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere for creativity.

14.Nocturne shade

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Set your home up for the holidays – or any other glam-infused get-together – by adding accent pieces in shades of plum, dark wine and Nocturne Shade. From throw blankets and pillows to table runners, bows or ribbon-wrapped wreaths, these add-on elements imbue any home with a lavish, luxurious atmosphere.

On the exterior of a home, Nocturne Shade serves as a rich, out-of-the-ordinary accent color that looks simply stunning, especially on a gray house. Paint the mailbox, front door or even the window frames in Nocturne Shade to up the intrigue level on your home. This deep tone stands out even more when surrounded by white trim. Accent the outdoor space with potted plants featuring jewel-toned foliage or flowers for an added natural touch.

In this bath, walls adorned with Nocturne Shade warm the industrial look of tile and stone while maintaining a clean and sophisticated look. Accent the space with white, gray and greens elements to balance the richness of this murky purple.

15.Old Amethyst

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On the exterior of a house, Old Amethyst pairs perfectly with white trim, windows and columns for a warm, inviting alternative to gray or dark blue. The hints of purple and blue in this enigmatic hue, especially when accompanied by white, create a beautiful backdrop for a flower garden or an outdoor living area. Add a white pergola that stands tall and proud against Old Amethyst’s bluish background, enhancing the view of the vines or ivy growing overhead. Round out the look with a natural-stone pathway in shades of slate and dusty pink, paving the way to an idyllic outdoor seating area just beyond the house.

Paint the walls of a living room or other large, open space with Old Amethyst to add a touch of intrigue while making the space feel a little more cozy and comfortable. White chairs and silver decor accents take center stage in front of this dusty plum’s inner mystique. Fresh-cut flowers or a plant on the table stand out as if in the spotlight, adding their natural energy to the room, any time of year.

If an entire wall of Old Amethyst seems a bit overwhelming, use it instead on moldings in a room painted in a white or light gray tinted with hints of blue or lilac. Enhance the room’s eclectic elegance even more by painting interior doors or even a piece of furniture. Add gold, silver and pearly white accents, to make the space even more stunning.

16.Hot and spicy

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Create a bold statement for guests the moment they walk through the door by greeting them with a Hot and Spicy hallway.  Bring balance to the space with a few achromatic accents, such as a white console table and chairs, and a black-framed art piece.

Incorporate this spicy, orange-touched, red into any room to bring in a warm, inviting energy. This color works wonders on kitchen walls, enhancing the appetite and making the room feel even more cozy. Hot and Spicy pairs well with natural elements such as light wood furnishings and stone flooring.

On dining room walls, this chili-pepper red hue primes the mind for interaction and conversation, making it the perfect color selection for those who entertain frequently. If painting the entire room may seem a bit much, consider Hot and Spicy for an accent wall.  Decorate the rest of the space with a few gold accent pieces such as vases or flowers. Create a striking contrast to the golds and reds in the room with a few chocolate patterned throw pillows on the sofa.

Hot and Spicy accents warm a cool-colored room much the same way a few chili peppers spice up a bland meal. Incorporate red colored decor to jazz up a space decked out in dark, cool tones, such as this living room with dark blue walls. Sprinkle Hot and Spicy sparingly throughout the room in the form of throw pillows, an accent color on a patterned area rug, or as a feature furniture piece.

17.Charismatic sky

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Charismatic Sky, as a cool relaxing sky blue,  is an ideal wall color for a bathroom, transforming a functional space into a personal oasis. Paint all the walls in this pale, blue, shade for an ethereal expansive vibe.  Bring a coastal feel to your space with accessories in sand and stone tones in bath towels, area rugs and furniture. These tones work equally well together in a cottage-style space or a modern spa-influenced bathroom.

The calming influence of blue works equally well in a bedroom, too. Paint the walls with Charismatic Sky for a room that looks airy and inviting during the day, and perfectly peaceful at night. This soft blue pairs well with white window and door trim, even with a dark floor underfoot. Outfit the space with bedding in white or light neutral tones, a beige headboard and a few natural wood accents for a soothing private sanctuary. A textured area rug in earthy sand tones adds a cozy touch.

Charismatic Sky suits living rooms and seating areas as well. Paint the walls a soft blue for a relaxing space that’s ideal for reading a favorite novel or enjoying conversations over cups of tea. For a bold retro-modern look, furnish the room with patterned fabrics and accents featuring red, navy, pale blue and white. Add a bright red table, vase or chair to pack a visual punch and add a shot of warmth.

18.Sunset drive

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Whether you revel in retro decor or prefer a classic feminine touch, Sunset Drive adds just the right mood to the living room. Go retro modern with Sunset Drive walls, a similarly-hued club chair or armchair inspired by vintage furniture, plus a few geometric accent pieces.

Sunset Drive also adds visual interest to a home office when used as part of a geometric pattern painted on one wall. Plot out strips of painter’s tape at random angles to one another on a focal wall behind a desk, then paint each segment in a complementary shade such as a warm gray or a pale peach, as well as Sunset Drive. This simple technique transforms the space into a room with built-in artwork to enhance the creative mindset. Paint the rest of the room white or light gray, then outfit the space with furnishings in wood, metal and light fabrics. This color combo makes light wood floors look even more amazing.

Sunset Drive also serves as an adorable accent hue in the bedroom. Enhance a mostly neutral space with a flower-inspired, pink-framed mirror above the dresser, carrying on the floral theme with a bouquet atop the dresser. Instead of going all-out girly pink in a baby’s nursery or child’s room, use this soft pink in minor parts of the room’s decor on pieces such as toys, dangling ceiling adornments or even as the dresser color.

19.English daisy

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English Daisy on living room walls is like basking in an ever-present sunshine, no matter what the weather outdoors. A hint of orange tucked into this inviting yellow makes any space feel more inviting, cheery and comfortable. It’s perfect for a large, open space or a room with vaulted ceilings, making any conversational grouping feel more cozy and chat-worthy.

Create a stunning dining room scene with English Daisy on the walls. This gleeful golden hue works its wonders no matter what the room’s style, both as a backdrop for bold furniture and to enliven the after-dinner environment.

Add a splash of sunshine to the kitchen by using English Daisy as an accent color. Paint the insides of open cabinets with this happy yellow to highlight your dinnerware collection. English Daisy is also the perfect contrast for cobalt-blue walls, white cabinets and silver or gray fixtures and furnishings.

English Daisy is the perfect complement to bright white furniture in the bedroom, too. This color pairs well with grays and other neutrals in fabric accents.

Add a pop of perkiness to an otherwise white bathroom by painting the vanity with this vivacious yellow tone. Bold yellow cabinets offer the perfect contrast for dark tile or hardwood flooring, making the space feel more inviting year-round.

20.Fresh apple

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An exterior door decked out in this vivid yellow-green creates a welcoming environment for guests before they even enter your home. Both elegant and cheery, this green evokes a sense of intrigue and excitement noticeable from the curb. Warm, white trim around the door highlights this hue’s youthful energy even more.

Inside, Fresh Apple makes a strong yet welcoming statement in a foyer or entryway. Paint the walls, or even just one, in this glorious green tone to give the space a playful, inviting personality. As a foyer focal wall, Fresh Apple works well in a white or gray space dotted with black or white accent pieces and any shades of wood furniture.

Fresh Apple also serves as a pleasing accent tone in an otherwise neutral space. Add cheery green throw pillows to a gray sofa to jazz up a conversational grouping. A vibrant green vase alongside white home accessories immediately makes the space feel fresh and inviting, inspiring conversation.

Add a jolt of energy to your kitchen with Fresh Apple on the cabinets. This fresh-off-the-tree tone adds excitement and anticipation to a modern white kitchen. Fresh Apple also looks great alongside slate and steel kitchen accents.

Brighten up you living room by painting the walls in Fresh Apple. This intriguing green brings with it a touch of nature, inspiring both a peace of mind and a sense of renewal to all who visit your home’s inner sanctum. Outfit the rest of the room with stone or hardwood flooring, white window trim and espresso, black or natural wood accents.  Add a few pops of a vivid yellow for an extra splash of warmth.

21.King’s court

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King’s Court adds a fresh, bold look to a living room. Paint one wall in this regal tone as a backdrop for a conversational grouping of furniture. Light, neutral-hued upholstery looks stunning in front of a gorgeously grape wall. Accent furniture with patterned throw pillows featuring light blues, turquoise, yellows and pinks. Platinum or mirrored silver tables also look lovely in this luscious space.

A single wall painted purple works surprisingly well in a dining room, tying together an eclectic assortment of furnishings. Paint the other walls a warm gray to balance cool and warm hues. Wood furniture takes center stage in this regal, refreshing space, whether it’s Mid-Century Modern, Danish or a party mix of several styles. Add a playfully patterned area rug, several accent pieces that play off the rug’s colors, plus a few white pieces for a crisp touch.

If purple all around seems too intense, use King’s Court to refresh a flea-market find, such as a Chinese cabinet or even a bookcase. Add accents in white and silver. Crystals also look stunning when displayed atop a royal purple stand.

King’s Court is right at home on bedroom walls, too. Paint all the walls — or just the one behind the bed — in King’s Court to invoke a mystical, dreamlike mood, perfect for a good night’s sleep. White or light gray bedding, paired with throw pillows in two-tone patterns, makes the space feel rich and inviting without being too “busy” for sleep.


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To celebrate both urban living and the complexities of the outdoors, we’ve paired two organically complementing green tones in Nuturing t18-16 and Unplugged T18-11 to impart a refined, yet fresh look for this room. Paint your wall with Unplugged to enhance all of the other accent colors within the space. Brighten and liven the space with accents of Nurturing on furniture pieces and in decor. Keep the space from feeling too dark by painting the window and baseboard trim in a bright white such as Polar Bear 75.  Light colored curtains and ample amounts of natural and artificial light, can also help to balance this dark color and keep it from feeling overpowering and heavy.


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A spicy, red-hot orange, Civara is a statement color painted on exterior shutters to accompany siding painted in the dusty white Soft Focus T18-09. This color draws attention to your home and complements the surrounding landscapes, harmonizing with leafy outdoor plants and trees. To add a bit more interest to your exterior, paint the trim of your windows with Polar Bear 75 to contrast and balance the intensity of this fiery orange.


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Nurturing serves as a surprising yet welcoming shade for an entry door on a home’s exterior. This fresh, subtle green adds just enough vitality to liven up a home painted in a neutral tone such as gray. It’s also a perfect natural partner for both plants and earth tones in the surrounding area, such as walkway pavers in various shades of stone.

This mellow, upbeat green adds a healthy energy to dining room walls. A shade that could easily become a modern classic, Nurturing looks right at home in an eclectic dining area, complete with an assortment of succulents and ceramic plate ware. It also plays well with retro-inspired furnishings such as bentwood chairs and glass lamps. White wall trim adds a finishing touch to the space.

Nurturing adds a refreshing look to kitchen walls, whether the room’s style is country cottage, casual modern or somewhere in between. White cabinets look crisp and clean against the green backdrop, accented by white shelves and white or natural wood furniture. Add a colorful tile backsplash or opt for beadboard; then throw in a few kitchen accouterments in white, tan or copper for a cohesive connection.

25.Positively Pink

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What’s different about this pink?  It’s sexy, it’s welcoming, it’s youthful and mature.  Pink, we find, has broken free from the constraints of babyhood and is now blossoming with sophistication.  Look for it popping up on everything and everywhere, from furnishings to front doors.

26.Diagonal Painted

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Ever since I painted that wooden box in a geometric pattern using two shades of pink, gold, black and white, I’ve been thinking of doing something similar to my office doors. Because this is a space

27.Painting A Chinoiserie Nursery

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Rooms with designs for your child’s bedroom are filled with pictures of plants and paint colors that are very attractive and beautiful.

28.Nature Inspired Neutrals

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A color scheme for a whole house! See paint colors in real spaces in this full of lovely home tour, nature-inspired neutrals with touches of blues and greens.

29.3D Imagination

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These bedrooms and relaxing rooms are depicted with imaginary images that look original or 3D. This picture is really cool because as if we were interested in the hole.

30.Green leaf

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Beautiful room with green paint, a combination of green and white floors is very cool.

31.All White

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If you want to create an engaging and calm bedroom, all white bedroom is the right design to improve your bedroom and makes it the best place at home.

32. Hitam, Putih, Cokelat

kamar tidur dengan warna cat hitam
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Black color is avoided by many people to choose in the bedroom for fear that the room will feel dark. But it turns out that if it is designed properly, this color actually makes your bedroom look stand out!

The trick is to just apply it on one side of the wall as an accent, while the other wall can be white. Choose a bright ceiling and floor material to highlight the color of this wall.


kamar tidur dengan warna cat biru dan emas
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The impression of glamor is so pronounced when combining this color. Give bright lighting so that your bedroom feels spacious.

Choose bed linen with matching colors to add to the impression of luxury.


kamar tidur dengan warna cat cokelat dan hijau
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If you have a classic nuanced house with an accent in the form of a wall profile, the brown color looks nice around your wall. Because chocolate includes earthy tone, then choose contrast-colored linen bed like blue or bright green. Choose white furniture, to give a fresh feel in the corner of the room.


kamar tidur dengan warna cat pink, jingga, putih
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This color choice is suitable for teenage girls. This soft and cheerful color can provide a positive mood and energy for them. Give a touch of color to the pillow or carpet to add to the excitement of the bedroom. Let the other walls be white for where they put the poster of the favorite singer or hall of fame with their friends.


kamar tidur dengan warna cat ungu
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In accordance with the 2018 color trend of purple; as well as trends from Dulux with Heart Wood colors, this color can be the right choice for your bedroom. Combine with other purple derivatives, such as pink, light purple and deep purple so that the bedroom feels more dimensionless.

37.Gray and Pink

kamar tidur dengan warna cat abu-abu dan pink
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As a contemporary but simple form, geometric shapes always succeed in bridging contrasting colors. Use a solution made from paper as a barrier, then paint per section and per color. Wait until it dries, then continue with the other colors. Remove the solution after you finish working on everything. Good luck!

38.Teal (blue and green) and White

kamar tidur dengan warna cat teal dan putih
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Being reminded of the atmosphere of the sea if you see this inspiration? Actually coloring the bedroom doesn’t always have to be on the wall, but it can also be ceilinged. Because teal colors are a combination of blue and green with natural nuances, this colored ceiling can be the right spot. Imagine you lay on the bed, then get a calm view right before your eyes.

39. Soft pink

kamar tidur dengan warna cat pink
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Not only girls who like princess, but many soft pink colors are chosen in the master bedroom. This color gives the impression of romance, tenderness, and happiness in the bedroom; which is certainly a good energy for you.

40. Yellow and White

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Are you a lover of yellow? Don’t be afraid to use yellow in your bedroom, because there are good tricks for this color. Yellow is often avoided in bedrooms because of the color that tends to be active. Apply only half the wall with a white combination. You can try it yourself like painting on canvas

41. Beige

kamar tidur dengan warna cat beige
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This color feels soft as silk. The choice of beige color on the wall can also be duplicated on the color of the curtain and bed rack. We recommend that you do not choose the color of the sheets that are too crowded; just white enough, so the bedroom feels relaxed.


kamar tidur dengan warna cat biru
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Blue is always believed to be a calm color because it represents the sky or the sea. Blue color almost always works for a bedroom. Blue can be combined with white, brown and even soft green.

43. Gray and brown

kamar tidur dengan warna cat abu-abu dan cokelat
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This is the safest and most commonly used neutral color. Brown color can be taken from the use of wood material in the ceiling or parquet floor. To give an accent to the bedroom, use flowers or light colored displays, such as yellow or red.

44. Teal (blue-green), gray, and yellow

kamar tidur dengan warna cat teal, abu-abu, dan kuning
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The selection of these three colors does not have to be applied on the wall alone, but can be combined on the bed linen, curtain, pillow or furniture. This color is suitable for those of you who have an open personality and are happy with exploration.

45. Soft pink dan lime green

kamar tidur dengan warna cat pink dan hijau
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Who can you say pink and green can’t put together? These two colors actually add energy to your bedroom. Add decorations on the wall with white geometric shapes to compensate for this color hustle.

46.Green and white

kamar tidur dengan warna cat hijau dan putih
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Adherent green color with natural nuances is very good in providing a calm bedroom atmosphere. Because green is one of the dominant colors, it needs to be balanced with white.

47.Young navy blue

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The color blue often refers to the color of water, blue has a vibrant meaning, is full of energy and gives the impression of coldness. Blue is the right color to provide a relaxed and energetic atmosphere in the bedroom. Combine your bedroom with the blue selection and the addition of some brightly colored furniture such as white bed linen and carpet to make it look harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

48.Blue Grey

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The color of the blue gray or grayish blue wall will give the impression of positive energy, affection, and loyalty to the partner. If you are a person who likes the sea, maybe this blue gray color selection is the right color to coat the walls of your bedroom. Sleeping in a blue gray room on average enjoys a night’s sleep for more than 7 hours a night.

49.Green Grey

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The color of green gray or grayish green has more or less the same function as other green colors. The difference between the color of green gray and the usual green color is that the color of green gray is more calm and not too flashy. But this color still provides a calm and comfortable atmosphere like ordinary green. If you have a green taste but don’t want to be too bright, then the green gray color is the color that you can use to paint the walls of your room.

50.Purple Grey

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The color of purple gray or grayish purple has the impression of expensive and elegant, only the design of modern rooms that usually use this color. The color of purple gray is perfect for you who are simple, elegant and casual. Besides this color also still gives the impression of yaman and luxury when used in the bedroom paint. The color purple gray will look more attractive when combined with other colors that are brighter like ordinary white or purple.